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Are you looking for great support material to teach phonics? Learn the sounds, blend, segment, read & write with this Jolly Phonics mega bundle! Includes a bonus file!

Included in this mega bundle:

  • 1 step-by-step guide about how to introduce a sound and how to use these resources
  • 84 Sound flashcards (capital and lower case letter)
  • 272 Flashcards without the written word 12x17cm (6 flashcards per sound)
  • 272 Flashcards with the written word 12x17cm (6 flashcards per sound)
  • 80 word and sentence bank pages: words for blending, word formation, hear the sound and 4 graded word dictations and 4 graded sentence dictation per sound. They have been created to support teachers to create their own materials, games, resources and worksheets. They include as well graded word and sentence level dictations per sound.
  • 1 coloured printable desk mat with the Jolly Phonics sounds and alternative sounds.
  • 1 coloured printable desk mat with the Jolly Phonics sounds and writer checklist featuring: name, date, finger space, neat handwriting, capital letter, punctuation and spelling words.
  • 42 sound cards are perfect for our students practice blending and segmenting. They can be printed in color pages, one color for each set.
  • 7 level posters in different colors (one for each level)
  • 38 phonics poster CAPITAL LETTER COMPACT SIZE 18X12,4cm
  • 38 phonics poster LOWER CASE LETTER COMPACT SIZE 18X12,4cm
  • 38 phonics poster CAPITAL LETTER REGULAR SIZE 13X20cm
  • 38 phonics poster LOWER CASE LETTER REGULAR SIZE 13X20cm

Jolly Phonics is an extremely effective method for teaching students to read and write for native and EFL students. Jolly phonics sounds by sets:

  • Set 1: s a t i p n
  • Set 2: c k e h r m d
  • Set 3: g o u l f b
  • Set 4: ai j oa ie ee or
  • Set 5: z w ng v oo
  • Set 6: y x ch sh th (/ð/ /θ/)
  • Set 7: qu ou oi ue er ar

These activities and games are the perfect match for this product:

★ JOLLY PHONICS Roll a sound!

★ JOLLY PHONICS Tracing mats 3 in 1!

★ JOLLY PHONICS Dab or color a sound WORKSHEETS (No prep activity)

★ JOLLY PHONICS I spy mats - Catch the sound! (No prep activity)

★ JOLLY PHONICS I have, who has game

★ JOLLY PHONICS SET 1 Word sort game

★ JOLLY PHONICS Memory game (All sets)

★ JOLLY PHONICS Matching mats

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