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These no-prep dab or color sounds worksheets will provide your students with so much practice when learning the Jolly phonics sounds. This resource is the perfect companion to any teaching program and will help students grasp important phonics, reading and spelling skills. It includes color and B&W versions. The worksheets are perfect for literacy centers, corners, stations, intervention programs, review, homework, whole-class phonics/spelling activities and so much more!

Jolly Phonics is an extremely effective method for teaching students to read and write for native and EFL students. Jolly phonics sounds by sets:

  • Set 1: s a t i p n
  • Set 2: c k e h r m d
  • Set 3: g o u l f b
  • Set 4: ai j oa ie ee or
  • Set 5: z w ng v oo
  • Set 6: y x ch sh th (/ð/ /θ/)
  • Set 7: qu ou oi ue er ar

To teach the sounds following the Jolly Phonics program, I strongly recommend you these products:

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