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Here you can find the game WHO TOOK THE COOKIE? It has been designed for playing it by imitating the Who Took The Cookie? song by Super Simple Songs.

This set includes:

- 30 animal cards.

- 2 cookie cards.

- Instructions.

- 2 pages with all the characters included for making it easier to pick them during the song.

If you have any questions or have spotted any mistakes, please, email me! [email protected]

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Make sure to tag me in any pictures if you use this product! It will mean the world to me!

~Colour me Confettiw

4 Reseñas para Who Took the Cookie? - Game

Aida Ascaso

  • Hace 1 year before
Es un material chulísimo. A los niños les encanta este juego. Gracias!

Marisa Rodríguez

  • Hace 1 year before
Me encanta, gracias!

Ana Temiño

  • Hace 1 year before
Es más que un juego

Bea .

  • Hace 1 year before


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