This is a classroom-dynamic material for your lessons. We recommend you to use it in any level you want but it's lovely for 1st & 2nd ESO.
The objective of this dynamic is to guarantee a cool and nice environment in the classroom. This is a game!
Use Summer Smith's  letter to explain the dynamic. Read it aloud and explain them the vocabulary needed.
Basically, a monster has born from the COVID investigation. Students will join the team of one of the best 'Rick and Morty' characters to beat the monster. They can beat the monster overcoming different obstacles. This is, they need reward pins. The more reward pins they get, the stronger the team will be.
Show your students the reward pins and let them talk about the behavior they need to have to get the pin. You can give one reward each week, you can give random pins on random days, you can give two pins each week, you can reveal the pins of the week or not. It's all up to you!
Whenever you decide, the virus will appear and the team with the record of pins will beat the monster and they will win a mystery prize (marks, a material prize, etc. this is up to you). You can play this dynamic as many times as you want.

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