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Memory game is a great way to reinforce sounds with your students. These game sets are aligned with the Jolly Phonics program and are a great addition to your literacy centers and activities. They will provide a fun way to reinforce the letters and sounds as you navigate through the program. Each has a different color so that they can easily be stored and taken out when practicing letters from certain groups.

This resource is great for using as a center, corner, stations or as a fast finishers activity.

Jolly Phonics is an extremely effective method for teaching students to read and write for native and EFL students. Jolly phonics sounds by sets:

  • Set 1: s a t i p n
  • Set 2: c k e h r m d
  • Set 3: g o u l f b
  • Set 4: ai j oa ie ee or
  • Set 5: z w ng v oo
  • Set 6: y x ch sh th (/ð/ /θ/)
  • Set 7: qu ou oi ue er ar

To teach the sounds following the Jolly Phonics program, I strongly recommend you these products:

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