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This is a 13-page file that includes ready to print back to school activities focused on writing, speaking, class building and goal setting.

  • Roll and speak (back to school and summer memories edition)
  • Roll and write (prompts, brainstorming and writing worksheets)
  • Find someone who (regular and scaffolded versions)
  • People hunt
  • 3 things about me
  • S.M.A.R.T goal setting
  • Vocabulary pages (summer memories and back to school

This pack is aimed at students performing at an A1-A2 CEFR level or 5th-6th grade.

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Raquel Muñoz Moreno

  • Hace 1 año antes


  • Hace 1 año antes
Love it!

Laia Hierro Pino

  • Hace 1 año antes
Molt útil per conèixer el grup i l'alumnat els primers dies de curs!

Laia Bacardit Vilana

  • Hace 3 años antes
very useful to start back school.

Olatz Jiménez Soret

  • Hace 3 años antes
Great resource!

Angela Bohigues

  • Hace 3 años antes
Un recurso muy completo

irene llabrés

  • Hace 3 años antes
Activitats molt xules!

Alba Garcia

  • Hace 3 años antes
I love all the activities this pack contains, and I'm sure my students will love them too! Very complete and varied. Thanks for sharing!

Nerea F

  • Hace 3 años antes
Thanks for sharing!

Guada González

  • Hace 3 años antes
Fantásticos recursos. Muchas gracias!! deseando ponerlos en práctica


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