This pack is made up of 5 boards with 4 wheels in each board. Each wheel has one type of information: people, objects, situations, actions... Students must spin each wheel and, with the info obtained, create a story. This can be done individually, in pairs or in groups. They can create tales, stories, legends...

I also include empty boards so that you can customize them according to the needs and interests you may find in your classroom.

I include each of the wheels on a DinA4 size in case you want to have big wheels for the younger students.

You will find a total of three versions of the same material:

✅ One full color version: beautiful!

✅ One soft color version: elegant!

✅ One ink save mode version: no background

I include the instructions: how to set it up, where to buy the arrows, which are from Amazon. If you want them, click here!

If you have any question, you can ask it here or through my Instagram orblog.

I hope you like the material!

Please, dont forget to give positive feedback!

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